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The trend of AI commercialization is more focus on vertical and scenario-based applications.

This is driving the core competitiveness to be transformed from the algorithm to the deep deconstruction of the scenario-based business, as well as the high quality dataset and the design & optimization of corresponding algorithm combination.

We are committing to become a pragmatic catalyst for the landing of “AI + Vertical Industry” applications, providing end-to-end professional services from AI fundamental dataset to algorithm optimization and industry solutions.

Our team has the most comprehensive capabilities for the commercialization of AI technologies: from high-quality dataset customization, to deep deconstruction of the scenario-based business, and the development & deployment of modular AI application platform.



AI Dataset-as-a-Service

We are committing to produce the high quality and standardized dataset, providing the best “rice” for developers of innovative smart service engines.

Orienting data service requirements for three critical phases of AI technology Landing.

Providing whole-process professional data services, from AI algorithm R&D to AI scenario-based optimization, and AI vertical industry applications

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Big data based intelligent processing is the core engine for innovative smart services, Large-scale high quality big data source is the key for developing commercial smart services

Providing whole-process professional services of AI technology import and business transformtion for vertical industry customers. Bridging the knowledge gap between AI technology and industry applications, and accelerating the commercial application of AI technology in vertical industries.

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We are not only the provider of AI dataset and engine, we can also help enterprise customers to build up the complete closed-loop from data assets to business values.

AI + Commercial

Traditional BI (Business Intelligence) helps enterprises to realize the management and visualization of operational data. "AI+BI" can give enterprises and governments more intelligent management and operation means.

Taking advantages of the large-scale and intelligent multi-dimensional data collection & structured processing platform, with state-of-the-art natural language processing and knowledge graph technologies, we can quickly build up the knowledge platform for vertical industries.

Such platform can integrate the key elements of vertical industries including technology, product, market, competition, policy, and so on. It will provide an efficient mechanism for the enterprise to develop business strategy, and provide an intelligent platform for the government to supervise the key industries.

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AI + Manufacture

Traditional manufacturing industry has been experiencing the revolution from IT to data and intelligent. Even more, Personalized Manufacturing will bring great challenge to the whole industry chain of manufacturing industry.

The integration of AI and manufacturing will achieve more efficient design management, quality management, supply chain management, capacity management and so on. It will shorten the design cycle, improve quality inspection process, eliminate supply chain bottlenecks, reduce production material waste, forecast product production and sales, and so on.

However, the effective landing of AI technology in manufacturing requires a complete grasp of the scenario, data and algorithm. Through the AI data processing platform, complete the high quality dataset collection and processing for the specific application scenarios. Through the AI algorithm and tool platform, select the appropriate machine learning algorithm combination to quickly complete the function verification.

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AI + Government

In the era of internet and data, the management, operation and decision-making mechanism of government main administrative departments (science and technology, culture, education, health, environmental protection, investment promotion, etc.) are expecting more intelligent administrative platform.

Through multi-dimensional data collection and processing in vertical fields, supplemented by intelligent strategy and forecasting mechanism, it will be the key technology  platform to support "AI + Government".

It can help the government departments to realize the improvement of vertical management efficiency, the enhancement of data operation capability, and the establishment of the intelligent decision-making mechanism.

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